46. The Power of Your Inner Voice

The Power of Your Inner Voice

In the last lesson, we looked at presenting yourself honestly. In this lesson, we’ll explore how your inner voice is also important to living authentically.

Your inner voice expresses the honest feelings of your true self and is the source of your inspiration, creativity, and intuition. By listening to your inner voice, you can gain insight into what makes you happy and unhappy. You can also gain the power to transform your life into one that is more vibrant and fulfilling.

Unfortunately, most of us don't listen our inner voices because we’re too busy juggling all of the responsibilities and demands of our daily lives.

The good news is that regardless of how busy or hectic your life may be, there are ways to filter out the distractions so you can hear your inner voice. As you reconnect with your true self, you can use that voice to guide you to the things that will bring more joy, progress, and peace into your life

Use these strategies to filter out the noise of daily life and harness the power of your inner voice:

1.   Make time for reflection. One way to get in touch with your inner voice is to set aside a regular time for self-reflection. Think about the things in your life that are going well and that make you happy, as well as the things that you’re dissatisfied with.

○     It's important to be honest and open with yourself as you reflect on your life, so that you can hear your true inner voice. Ignore the critical voices from the past and avoid letting society tell you how to live your life.

○     Reflect on how you truly feel about the direction your life is taking.

○     Seek out a place and time for your moments of self-reflection where you can be alone and uninterrupted for at least 30 minutes.

○     Choose a place where you can relax, such as a sofa or bed. If you find it easier to practice self-reflection by taking a relaxing nature walk, performing some gentle stretching exercises, practicing controlled breathing, or doing yoga poses, this is fine as well.

○     Write down the thoughts, impressions, and dreams that emerge during your self-reflection time. Once you begin to practice self-reflection on a regular basis, you’ll start to hear your true inner voice. It's helpful to record the insight that you gain.

○     Making lists, keeping a journal, or even sharing your impressions with a close friend can help you to focus on the areas that you want to change in order to bring more happiness and joy into your life.

2.   Learn to trust your inner voice and take action on your discoveries. As you gain experience listening to your inner voice and seeking clues in your dreams, learn to trust that voice.

○     It's okay to begin small, but make time each day to do something that you truly enjoy. Each step that you take will put you one step closer to living the life that you see in your dreams.

○     Just as you are working to incorporate more things into your daily life that bring you true joy, reduce or eliminate those tasks and habits that bring you down. As time passes, you may find that you need to move on to a new career or abandon certain relationships.

○     Let go of things and people that drain your energy and prevent you from being truly happy.

While it will take some time, practicing self-reflection on a regular basis can teach you how to hear your true inner voice and use it to guide you to true authenticity and greater happiness and joy in your life.

In the next lesson, you’ll learn some strategies for being proud to cultivate your own originality.

Here’s what you need to do today:

Make time for reflection. Set aside a regular reflecting time of at least 30 minutes. In your first reflection, reflect on the direction that your life is heading. Do you see it unfolding authentically? What changes would you like to make to increase your authenticity? Plan these changes in your journal and take action to get started on them.


My instincts guide me to wise decisions.

My best decisions are made when I listen to my instincts, so I allow my instincts to guide me. 

I trust myself and my gut feelings. I have a little voice in my head that allows me to make smart decisions. My role is to listen to my voice and let it lead me.

Many challenges are created by forcing logic into a decision at the inappropriate time. I choose to listen to my instincts and act accordingly. My heart is my guide. 

My intuition is always in sync with my values and my true self. It always steers me in a positive direction. I refrain from trying to overrule my instincts. My stray thoughts are just noise that fails to serve my greatest good.

I can see past the distractions and mirages that cloud my thinking. Sometimes it is hard, but I do what is necessary to see the truth in the situation. I follow my heart and see where it leads me. 

My instincts are a gift from a higher power. I choose to listen to my gift and to utilize it fully.

Though others may try to affect my decisions, I am free from their influence. I act based on my own decisions. I am wise and make wise decisions.

Today, I allow my instincts to guide me to wise decisions. I am free of the effects of stray thoughts and the influence of others. I make excellent decisions quickly and easily.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. When have I made the wrong decision by ignoring my instincts?

2. When do I make the best decisions?

3. Do I allow others to change my mind too easily?


I trust my inner light and intuition to guide me.

My intuition is always available to guide me, if I am willing to listen. My inner light is the purest form of my soul. It gently shows me the way.

I have a high level of intuition. My intuition is the manifestation of my wisdom. It is always right. It speaks in a soft voice, but I can hear it if I truly open myself up to it. 

Whenever I am confused about a choice, I acknowledge the messages that my intuition and inner light are sending me. By following those messages, the odds of making a good decision skyrocket.

My inner light and intuition exist to serve me. I make full use of the guidance that they provide. I get better and better at using these tools each and every day.

Having these sources of guidance makes my life easier. By making proactive decisions, I use my time more effectively. The number of mistakes I make is vastly minimized. I supercharge my success by listening to my inner light and intuition.

Sometimes reason and logic are great tools for making decisions. Other times, intuition is a better tool. When I have all the information I need, yet still feel lost, I look beyond logic and reason.

Today, I listen carefully to the guidance of my inner light and intuition. I am making good and wise decisions.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. When have I failed to listen to my intuition and subsequently faced great challenge?

2. Do I sometimes rely too much on logic and reason to make decisions?

3. Am I ready to listen to my guiding light and intuition?

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