49. Summary & Reflection

Module 6 Summary and Reflection

This module starts with some tips for living authentically and then guides you through solutions to particular challenges that you may encounter in your efforts to incorporate authenticity into your life.

Learn how to set your life priorities in accordance with what’s important to you personally.

Discover the importance – and the joy – of showing the real you to the world. Try out the tips that make it easier for you to express your feelings. Learn to trust your own instincts. And see how to bring yourself new opportunities by proudly presenting your unique qualities and ideas as opposed to just conforming to what everyone else does.

Your journey to authenticity ends with a vision of your exciting future. Follow the steps to create goals based on your own desires. Make your bucket list. Design a plan that fulfills everything you’ve learned about yourself in eight different areas of your life, from what type of home you want, to your career, relationships, intellectual pursuits, and more.

It has been a pleasure to guide you through these steps to authenticity! I wish you the very best as you move forward and experience the joys of living an authentic life.

Self-Reflection Exercises:

Please download the workbook in your Additional Resources box for this lesson and complete the exercises. This workbook will help you use what you’ve learned in this course to live authentically by designing a plan for your life based on your own hopes, dreams, passions, and life purpose.


I live an authentic life.

I live my life according to my own principles. The outside world has very little impact on my choices. I am proud to be true to myself and have a strong sense of purpose.

My beliefs drive each decision I make in my personal and professional life. I avoid using the appeal of success to sway my mindset.

I enjoy gaining recognition at work for a job well done. But I am happier to gain that reward because I work in a principled manner. My mission is always to do well while staying true to myself.

Friends know that I am the real deal. The person I am with my friends is the person I am at all times. They appreciate that I am honest.

My views on their actions are directly tied to my values. Even though I am gentle when giving advice, I avoid compromising my views to make others feel better. I prefer to be honest than to say what someone wants to hear. It is authentic to be truthful.

Today, my peace of mind comes from living an authentic life. I commit to remaining true to myself and being honest with others. Each day is a chance to renew that commitment.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1.   How do I respond to others who want me to create a false impression?

2.   How quickly do I recognize when a situation is testing my authenticity?

3.   What activities can help me to maintain focus on living according to the real me?

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